Ladies of Asskickery: Lady Whirlwind

POSTED: September 12, 2008 18:29 | By: Carol Borden

MM08_chocolate mao ying.jpg

Angela Mao Ying began her career in Peking opera before studying hapkido and moving to martial arts films, starring in a King Hu film, The Fate of Lee Khan, as well as the film that gave her the name, Lady Whirlwind. She also starred in several films focusing on her hapkido and taekwondo skills. She also played Bruce Lee’s doomed sister in Enter the Dragon. Despite all the Bruce Lee and Shih Kien action, I still think Angela Mao is the best part.

She was a powerhouse in Hong Kong’s 1970s. Like Cheng Pei-Pei, Angela Mao Ying retired from film. Unlike Cheng Pei-Pei she hasn’t returned. We can still watch her, though.


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