Sexy or Killer?

POSTED: September 12, 2008 15:49 | By: Carol Borden

MM08_Sexykiller still.jpg

See that lady? Is she sexy or is she a killer? I think she might be both!


MM08_Sexykiller Hunger.jpg


Sexy or killer vamprire lady?


MM08_Sexykiller glenn close.jpgKiller lady or sexy woman who has a problem with Michael Douglas?

MM08_Sexykiller BasicInstinct.jpg


Sexy Killer or Commando? 


MM08_Deadgirl bee girl.jpg


Sexy bee lady or mankiller?


MM08_Sexykiller alien queen.jpegKiller or Mom Who’d Like to Oviposit You?



MM08_Sexykiller arsenic.jpg

Serial killers or speed daters?

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