Gentlemen of Asskickery: Tony Jaa

POSTED: September 19, 2009 17:23 | By: Carol Borden

I was lucky enough to see Ong Bak Muay Thai Warrior at Midnight Madness and Tony Jaa kicking the hell out of people with his legs on fire at the Uptown Theatre on a screen tens of carol’s high.  I’m looking forward to seeing Tony Jaa’s return to Midnight Madness with Ong Bak 2: The Beginning at Ryerson tonight, which he directed, did the action choreography for and dances in. (Yay, Khon!) And I’m happy to close out the Gentlemen of Asskickery with Tony Jaa / Thatchakorn Yeerum (nee Panom Yeerum).

Tony Jaa is a student of Panna Rittikrai and started out on Panna’s Muay Thai Stunt team.  He played a villainous supporting role in Spirited Killer and was a stunt double in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation before Prachya Pinkaew cast him for Ong Bak Muay Thai Warrior making him the most popular action star in Thailand, though some say Dan Chupong is the next big thing. Maybe we’ll see in Ong Bak 3.

And Tony Jaa played Hanuman the Monkey King at the ceremonies for the 1st Asian Martial Arts Games in August, 2009.

Here’s footage of Tony Jaa practicing for Ong Bak Muay Thai Warrior. There’s some hopped up choral music, too.

Ong Bak 2: The Beginning ends TIFF tonight Saturday September 19 at 11:59pm – RYERSON

And my respect to all you people who got up to catch the 9:45am screening. You’re hardcore.


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