Johnny Hallyday vs. Anthony Wong Chau-Sang

POSTED: September 15, 2009 16:18 | By: Carol Borden

Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai have another film at the festival this year. Vengeance, starring Johnny Hallyday and Anthony Wong Chau-Sang as hitmen seeking revenge for the death of Hallyday’s family. But Hallyday and Wong have something more in common outside the movie.  They’re both musicians.

Hallyday is a rock star in France who became famous in the 1960s.  Anthony Wong is a little more punk rock.  They might not throw down in the film, but I can arrange a musical throwdown right here.

Ladies and gentleman, click the links for Johnny Hallyday in a 1960s scopitone and Anthony Wong, with maybe a little Xavier Jamaux influence.


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