The Return of Ken’ichi Matsuyama (and Some Asskickery)

POSTED: September 17, 2009 12:56 | By: Carol Borden

kamui gaiden
Ken’ichi Matsuyama’s back at the festival starring in another live-action manga adaption. Last year, Matsuyama starred in one of my favorite MM movies ever, Detroit Metal City based on the eponymous manga.  And he’s also starred as L in the live action adaptation of Death Note.  And this year he stars in an adaption of Sanpei Shirato’s  Kamui Gaiden, in which he plays a ninja fleeing his ninja clan–and it’s screening in the daytime (in fact, today and Saturday morning.How crazy is that the madness has infected the festival to the point that not only is a viking film playing the non-Madness program, a ninja film is? At this rate, I look forward to Sonny Chiba’s presenting some of his favorite films in Dialogues program.  After all, he’s not only a ninjitsu master, he’s a guest professor in film studies at Kyoto University of Art and Design.Let’s have a little Gentleman of Asskickery moment with Sonny Chiba:

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