Happy Birthday, Steve McQueen

steve mcqueen in motion

Happy Birthday to one cool cat, Steve McQueen.

Whether it’s bringing back desperados dead or alive, battling an interplanetary menace, jumping a fence in a Triumph motorcycle or roaring over the hills of San Francisco in a Mustang GT, Steve McQueen brought a rush of pure adrenaline cut with sangfroid and sardonic humor.

So rev your engines or pour one out for Steve McQueen–and maybe give a thought or two to the late stunt driver Bud Ekins, who helped make Steve McQueen’s movies action-packed.

And remember, be safety-minded!

Images via the Selvedge Yard. Click through for more amazing pictures of Steve McQueen.  They also have a behind the scenes look at the car chase in Bullitt.

(a version of this post originally appeared on the ActionFest Film Festival Blog)


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