Ladies of Asskickery: Bridget Riley


Action Flick Chick Katrina Hill sat down with stuntwoman Bridgett “Baby Doll” Riley to discuss being a Lady of Asskickery.


Riley has won 5 kickboxing titles, fought in 45 professional bouts and has worked as a stuntwoman in movies and television. She trained with Billy Rodriguez and the late Lilly Urquidez Rodgriguez, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez’ sister. Her first job was on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and she performed in Sammo Hung‘s Martial Law. She stunt doubled Silk Spectre in Watchmen and worked on Million Dollar Baby. Here’s her rehearsal of the bar fight Serenity:

The whole interview is worth reading. Here’s a little taste:

AFC: To me, it seems like women of action are expected to perform in some kind of high heeled shoe or rather skimpy outfits, like the Silk Spectre. Have you had to perform a lot of stunts in this kind of apparel? How does it affect your work?

Bridgett: This is part of the job. Women get minimal pads if any at times and high heeled shoes are sometimes a must depending on camera. Wardrobe sometimes makes us shoes that are stunt friendly. I like these wardrobe people. It just depends on the shot.

(interview via The Cultural Gutter)

This post was originally published at the 2011 ActionFest Film Festival Blog on Dec. 29, 2010


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