Letting You In On A World Of Hurt


Are you a Blaxploitation fan? Are you hurting cause while you love Trouble Man, Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off or Black Caesar, you’ve seen them 1,000 times and new Blaxploitation movies are played for laughs?  World of Hurt can ease your pain.  It’s a solid and straight-up crime comic that’s well-researched, well-drawn and action-packed. It’s also one of the best comics I read in 2010.  Creator Jay Potts lays it out better than I ever could:

World of Hurt is Super Fly meets The Equalizer.

World of Hurt is the wayward step-child of Ernest Tidyman’s John Shaft and Alex Raymond’s Rip Kirby, desperately trying to live up to the greatness of his forebears.

World of Hurt is a comic strip love letter to the Black action films of the 1970s.  I’m not talking about the flicks with signifyin’ Technicolor pimps performing slow-motion karate or anything featuring Ray Milland’s head surgically attached to Rosie Grier’s body. If you want to know where I’m coming from with World of Hurt, check out flicks like Shaft, Superfly, The Mack, Trouble Man, Foxy Brown, or Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off.  Although none of these movies boasted massive budgets or flawless production values either, there was an undeniable edge and raw energy to them.  These were films that spoke to a previously untapped market of urban Black audiences, who finally got to see their own heroes, and a bit of their own turbulent world, refracted through the prism of the silver screen.


Get in on the action here. And make sure to check out Potts’ blog posts, his notes on the episodes and his Western. (And seriously, look at that kick-ass draftsmanship!)


This post originally appeared at the 2011 ActionFest Film Festival Blog on Feb. 3, 2011


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