The Secrets of Manborg–Revealed!

Only Manborg can save humanity from Draculon and his Hordes of Hell.  Manborg is a cyborg warrior for right, a film by Steven Kostanski, produced by the Winnipeg-based filmmaking collective, Astron-6, and our only hope. I was lucky enough to be able to ask Kostanski a few questions.

How did the mighty force that is Astron-6 come to be?

We started out as competing filmmakers in Winnipeg, until we decided to join forces. We were drawn together by our love of movies 70′s and 80′s, as well as the vhs format.

What are some upsides to filmmaking in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

For me personally, the upside was having a garage to film in, which the other members will tell you is not an upside at all since it was always either too cold, too hot, too dirty or too full of mosquitos. There was never a happy medium. Also, at the time of filming Manborg we all lived in Winnipeg, which is a lot more convenient than everybody being scattered across the country.


How did the awesomeness of Manborg come to be?

Manborg came about when I was watching the 80s classic The Eliminators with fellow Astron-6 member Jeremy Gillespie, and he remarked that I should make a movie called Manborg. For some reason that’s all it took to convince me to devote 3 years of my life to making that dream a reality.

Manborg isn’t just funny or action-packed, it shows a lot of love for the films of the 1980s and early 1990s, especially straight to video b-movies. What are some movies you have a particular fondness for?

The Eliminators, I Come In Peace, Robot Jox, Guyver 2: Dark Hero, Starcrash, Judge Dredd, Spawn, The Keep, Captain America 1990, Nemesis, Cyborg…and about a million others. My childhood was built on watching vhs movies. If there’s a heaven, for me it’ll be a grungy video store with endless racks full of sci-fi/horror/action movies with cool covers.

For more about Astron-6 and their films go to

This post was originally published in a slightly different form on the 2012 ActionFest Film Festival Blog on Apr. 9, 2012.

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