Secrets, Faeries and Krampüsse

jessie king pomegranateI recently found out that a story of mine has been accepted for another anthology, but the authors haven’t been publicly announced yet. I don’t feel right announcing it until the publisher does. But I am very excited and amazed by it and can’t wait to share it. (And see it in print!). It was a story that I originally wrote to help me through a difficult summer–personal stuff and very annoying landlord repairs. At first, it was just a goal to keep me moving and I wasn’t thinking about whether it would be accepted. But I became quite attached to it well after it was submitted. and wanted to show it to everyone. And soon I will be able to.

Right now I’m finishing up a draft of a story for World Weaver Press’ anthology, Fae, edited by Rhonda Parrish. I looked at all the work I could find, and I’m still not sure what I’m writing will fit what they’re looking for. But I’m having a good time writing it and am pleased. Sometimes I cackle, which is always a good sign. I sort of wandered into writing a story for this anthology. Initially, I was planning to write a story for World Weaver’s Krampus anthology, edited by Kate Wolford. And I still will. I feel like I owe it to Krampus after all the Krampus I’ve pestered people with the last few years. The problem with the Krampus story is that I have parts for two very different stories. Since I’m nearly done with the fairy one, I’m going to finish that up and then see about Krampus.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a little bit of the fairy story:

‘The door opened and Fey pelted down the corridor, through the door to reception. That door shut immediately behind her. She stopped for a moment and told a still dazed Gail, “Don’t drink the coffee. And maybe take your vacation days.”

Gail didn’t seem to notice that Fey was naked.

Fey ran into the open elevator and it started down without her pushing L. In the lobby, the security guard with the unibrow started around his desk, pulling out an expandable baton. Fey ran straight at him, jumped and planted her knee right in his chest. She followed the guard to the ground, struck him in the side of his head with her elbow and scrambled through the metal detector and out of the building to her car.

Twenty minutes later, Doug met her at the cafe. Fey was waiting for him, nursing hot cider and a bruised knee.

“You’re paying for this cider, Doug. And you’re paying for the lemon-poppyseed scone they’re bringing me.”


krampus u nikolo

Top, illustration by Jessie M. King for Oscar Wilde’s A House of Pomegranates.

Bottom, greeting card. (“Greetings from Krampus and Nicholas!”)

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