A Bit of “The Omega Children”

I submitted my short story, “The Omega Children” to World Weaver Press’ Krampus anthology yesterday. It was originally titled, “Krampuslauf on Space Station Omega 2-7.” I still like that title, but I think “The Omega Children” feels a little more 1950s / early 1960s science fiction. Also, not everyone is all about German.

Here is a little bit from the opening of the story.

“What in blazes is going on here?”  Captain Mike Sloan’s rocket was barely in Space Station Omega 2-7’s docking bay before Sloan was sliding down the rocket’s ladder to confront his old friend and comrade from the Pescine Wars, Station Commander Steve Bristol.

“You don’t know?” Bristol asked.

“I received orders via interocitor directing me to take charge of the situation at Omega 2-7, but no details.”

“Children, Mike. A group of insubordinate children. Terra Central thought it would be a great idea to advance human civilization ten thousand years overnight by giving human evolution a little push.”

Sloan and Bristol walked briskly across rocket pad to the pneumatic transport leading to the station’s inner ring, which housed the station’s residential and research sections.

“All this fuss over children?”

“Not just any children. Children genetically engineered to fulfill humanity’s true potential, or so Prof. Zargon keeps saying.”

“Oh, Zargon.”

“You know him?”

“Only by reputation—Professor Victor Zargon, a singular genius with an ego to match.”

I have the beginning of a second Krampus story set in more contemporary circumstances, too. It makes me pretty happy, so I’ll probably finish it, too.

krampus karte


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