Homunculus Video, plus Krampus, Cthulhu and Snake Venom Mask Notebooks

snake venom notebook green on gray 1

I’ve added a few new notebooks to my Etsty store, including a green Snake Venom Mask (from Chang Cheh’s classic film, Five Deadly Venoms) , a copper Krampus and a copper Cthulhu. All our pocket-sized Moleskines and all look pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

This weekend I’ve also been busy with the homunculi I owe donors to the Cultural Gutter’s indiegogo campaign. I got too caught up in wanting them to be really good. Anyway, this weekend, I have sanded the first homunculus and added its eyes. I’ve also attached its legs and next up ar the arms. I also have shot video of it. Please enjoy.


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