Happy Birthday, King Ghidorah!


Today is King Ghidorah’s birthday and to celebrate, I thought I’d share this little bit from my Godzilla detective fiction, “Three Kings” from Weird Noir.

Chapter 10
Three Crowns

I was spinning. Only I wasn’t spinning, it was the room and there were two grinning gold heads on long necks bobbing over me like every crazy idea I’ve ever had. The bobbing was starting to nauseate me. A breakfast of doped scotch was no match for all this motion.

“Ah, Mr. Godzilla, you are awake at last,” a quavering metallic voice said. I realized the voice belonged to the heads, and that they really wiggling around, barely under control. But I wasn’t looking at those heads anymore. I was focused on one in the middle. Titanium, I thought.

“I see you’re looking at my prosthesis. I lost the original in the war.”

“We all lost a lot in that damn war.”

He sighed as he poured a drink. “The miracles of modern science have restored to me some small portion of what was taken.” He gestured modestly at his central head, then heaved up his massive body from behind his desk. He was monstrous, possibly twice my size.

“King Ghidorah, I presume?”

“Mecha King Ghidorah, to be precise. Since my transplant, I find I enjoy precision. Would you care for a drink? I would hardly mar this excellent scotch with a ‘mickey.’” He said that last word as if it might stain his mouth.


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