4DK’s Monthly Movie Shout Down: The Fury of the Silver Fox!

Fellow M.O.S.S. Agent Todd from Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill! has started the 4DK Monthly Movie Shout Down, in which he selects a movie to share with the public and the public is encouraged to tweet about it. This month we watched the 1983 Taiwanese wuxia film, The Fury of the Silver Fox starring and directed by Pearl Cheung Ling. If you’re curious, here’s the transcript from the Shout Down.

I’m pretty familiar with Hong Kong’s wuxia, aka, “kung fu fantasy.” In fact, I’ve been watching too many early Sixties Cantonese films lately. But I don’t have as much familiarity with Taiwanese wuxia–or really Taiwanese cinema in general. So I was very excited to participate. I won’t spoil its wonders beyond saying that yes, there is an angry old hermit who lives at the bottom of a cliff. And now that I think about it, like our friend Disco Dancer, I just don’t think The Fury of the Silver Fox can be spoiled.

And I’ve been remiss in sharing the weekly Drive-In Mob Tweetalongs. Every week I co-co-co-host either two features or a short and a feature on Twitter. We have a lot of fun and see a wide range of genre movies. Here’s a link to the most recent one: The Adventures of Captain Marvel, Ch. 4. with The Green Hornet (1974), in which the makers of The Green Hornet television show from the Sixties try to cash in on the Bruce Lee phenomenon by squishing three (or was it four? There were so many) episodes of the tv show together to make a ninety minute film. And to see transcripts for previous Drive-In Mob films go here (and, for older transcripts, here). The upcoming schedule is available on the the Drive-In Mob Site.


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