Monster Gallery

I’ve been drawing monsters again and they’re reflecting a few interests–beyond furry with horns. After last Halloween, I bought a small pad of Halloween-themed scrapbooking paper with the idea that I’d tear it to use in making collage images. But it turns out that scrapbooking paper is quite thick and I don’t like how it tears. So I started drawing on it with what I call my “Graphitekreide” or just a big ol’ 6B graphite crayon.

I’ve also been interested in drawing on cardstock. (Now that I think about it, scrapbooking paper isn’t that far off from cardstock. I suppose it has to be since people use use a variety of materials and adhesives with it). So the second two monsters are colored pencil drawings on dark brown cardstock. The blue one is actually a scan of a birthday card I made for a friend. I mixed a variety of colored pencils included some that are watercolor pencils. The pink one was experimenting with layering and blending with some new watercolor pencils and outlining with black ink. The last little green guy was testing a new green pencil that was intended to replace a pencil that had a core that slipped out while I drew. The horns and eyes were created with the same ink pen as the pink monster. And it’s larger as a scan than as a drawing.

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