Drive-In Mob Capos Pick Their Top Ten Akira Ifukube Tracks!


Over at the Drive-In Mob website, Brian and I share some of our favorite tracks from Akira Ifukube’s scores. Ifukube most famously scored many, many Godzilla movies, including the first.  And he created Godzilla’s distinctive roar and footsteps.

Akira Ifukube is one of the most loved film score composers to those familiar with his body of work, although you rarely see him mentioned in the same company as Morricone, Herrman, Williams, etc. outside of Japan. Classically trained, even serving as president of the Tokyo College of Music, Ifukube brought an amazing sensitivity to dozens of films, whether the plot line involved critically acclaimed international arthouse material or a giant jellyfish attacking from space. He delivered the most stunning quality of work, and sometimes had just days to complete a score (he was given just three days to score 1993′s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla). These impossible deadlines caused Ifukube to often repurpose his earlier work in divergent ways, often with spectacular results.

In tribute to the man who gave voice and soul to Godzilla, Drive-In Mob’s own Carol (@culturalgutter) and Brian (@driveinmob) each weigh in with a list of ten Ifukube favorites in appreciation of this master of movie music.

Click through to hear them all!



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