“Hey, Godzilla–What’s going on?”

2003 godzilla egg small

Here are 2 pages, an illustration and the cover from my zine, Monstress #4: All-Out Giant Monster Attack! Aside from the first issue, each issue of my zine was organized around a different monster and #4 was all kaiju. It’s from 2003. I’ve scanned a bunch of my issues with an eye toward making them available again, but I still need to fully scan this one.

2003 kaiju me small

2003 monstress 4 cover small

I always like the little people looking out of windows or standing aroudn on castles in medieval European art and in Persian and Mughal miniatures and it strongly informed my own style when I was doing Monstress. (And in Mad Cow before it).

Also, this is my late cat, Minstrel, who reminded me very much of Godzilla. Now that he’s gone, Godzilla movies always remind me of him.

2003 minstrel butt

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