Gutterthon Has Begun!

Gutterthon Banner 7

Hey, everyone, it’s been a year since our last fundraiser and the Gutter has continued to provide thoughtful writing about disreputable art while keeping a commitment to pay writers. We even have a new SF editor , after James retired from 10 years of writing for us. And so it is that time again… It is time for Gutterthon. Behold our mighty banner designed by .  The Gutterthon has begun!

Please consider donating to the Cultural Gutter and get some swank perks.

Our friends at Fox Spirit Books and Jurassic London have provided some excellent books. Fox Spirit has donated copies of their genre-bending anthologies, Guardians and Noir Carnival. (Noir Carnival includes my story, “The Mermaid Illusion”).

Jurassic London has provided a slew of books, including: Speculative Fiction 2013; The Book Of The Dead; Unearthed; A Town Called Pandemonium; reprints of the 1869 Victorian science fiction novel, The Brick Moon; Lost Souls; as well as signed, limited edition print copies of The Book Of The Dead and Kim Curran’s novel, Glaze.

ETC Press is providing print copies of The Cultural Gutter book. The print edition has sweet infographic illustrations by EJ Lee.

We also have five new sexy supervillain postcards designed by illustrator and YA author Evan Munday.

EJP Creations is currently hard at work on an assemblage tribute to Vincent Price.

Brian Kirby of Shelf Life CC has given us permission to offer the Gutterthon banner as a poster.

And I’m donating several sets of postcards made from my illustrations for Monster Island Resort’s reading of “Herbert West, Re-Animator”; handmade homunculi; skulls with facial hair painted on them; and a variety of embellished Moleskines. Right now, there are gray Moleskines with a green Cthulhu handprinted on them and two green on gray Snake Venom Mask Moleskines. See pictures of the perks in the Gutterthon Gallery.


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