Snippet of “Sophie & The Gate To Hell”

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Here’s a bit of my story “Sophie & The Gate To Hell,” from Girl at the End of the World, Vol. 1:

The damage on the ceiling still wept almost imperceptibly the next day. Lutz climbed up, felt the sealant with his bare hand and sighed. ‘Still wet.’ Some of the spackle flaked off under his hand.

I looked up from my lunch. ‘I think it’s not dried out from the leak.’

‘You know, you might have a point,’ he said.

We stood and looked at the ceiling for a minute. The red bled through the white and yellow.

‘It probably shouldn’t do that,’ I said.

‘I don’t know. I’m a NIMS-certified machinist. I work with metal. I tell Rick that, but he doesn’t listen to me. Which reminds me, he wants me to go down and check something in the basement real quick.’

‘Okay.’ I stared at my cold pizza. It stared at me.

I heard him talking and then swearing below and some kind of metallic booming. It seemed like I had a situation.

Lutz clomped back up the stairs. ‘Well, I’m going to have to come back.’

‘Do you know when? I have work.’

Lutz shrugged hopelessly and left. I went and reheated the pizza in the microwave. One of the big, slow flies floated overhead. The red stain said I shouldn’t let Lutz cover it. The fly agreed. Stupid fly.

I definitely had a situation. I didn’t look in the basement. Looking in the basement has not gotten anyone anywhere good in these kinds of situations.

Girl at the End of the World, Vol. 1 is now available in both print and digital editions, with two covers to choose from.


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