Drag Noir is Now Available!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000448_00031]

Drag Noir was released on Halloween–an appropriate time for tales of crime and masquerade, survival and identity. I’m pretty pleased with my story, “The Itch of Iron, The Pull of the Moon.” I have this feeling that my story of a fairy detective might be a little different and I’m very curious to see how it fits in with the other stories included in the anthology. Drag Noir is available from Amazonas a paperback and I believe it will soon be available in a variety of digital formats, for those of you who like your Noir high tech.

You can see a peek at K.A. Laity’s forward some stories from and about Drag Noir, and the table of contents at Fox Spirit Books’ site. The forward, incidentally, inspired Matt Finch to write this piece about his own experience with gender.


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