SpeakEasy Radio: Episode 1: A Chat With Carol Borden Of The Cultural Gutter

trixie sneer square

Some of you might have heard rumors of a secret juice joint called, The Speakeasy, where dames, dolls, vamps and molls of all (or no) genders get together and plot art and trouble. K.A. Laity suggested The Speakeasy set up a public face–a public voice, in fact, in the form of SpeakEasy Radio. And she invited me to be on the first episode to explain what The Speakeasy was and why I had started it. We’re hoping to encourage other members to join in and share their own shenanigans over the wires. And as they do, we’ll be putting up new episodes.

You can listen to us talk about The Speakeasy, the Cultural Gutter and a little bit about Vampire Prosecutor by clicking through to SpeakEasy Radio.

And you can like the SpeakEasy Radio Facebook page here to keep up with all our shenanigans. And that sweet puss is Trixie Sneer, created by S.L. Johnson for The Speakeasy. (Copyright, 2015)

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