Naked Gutterthon at Fox Spirit Books

Fox Spirit Books kindly invited me to write a guest post at their blog about the Cultural Gutter and our current fundraiser, Gutterthon 2015, aka, “Naked Gutterthon” (after the post that Brian Kirby from Shelflife Cothing Company and Drive-In Mob designed for us). Here’s a little bit of it:

Hi, I’m Carol and I’m the Comics Editor and Evil Overlord of The Cultural Gutter. Back in the misty shadowlands of 2003, The Cultural Gutter was founded to offer clear-eyed and thoughtful writing about disreputable art: comics, video games, science fiction and trash cinema. Since then we’ve expanded our mandate a bit adding editors who have written about television and romance. Most of these art forms are more respectable than they were back in the Aughts, or at least particular parts of them are, but we feel like we’re still offering something special with our essays. We’re not great at telling you whether you should go out and spend your money and sometimes we talk about art from sixty or even two hundred years ago, but we always try to have an interesting angle and some things to think about—or at least some good jokes. Right now we have a piece up about “Time Loops and the Failures of Memory” in films ranging from Groundhog Day to Momento. Auntie Fox has written about just how long she’ll give a show before she gives up with, “The Core Dynamic; Or, Why I Won’t Give A Show A Half A Series To Figure It Out.”  And I’ve written a few things I’m pretty pleased with—a piece about Planet of the Apes and “relatability,” another about strong female characters and one about Punisher: War Zone and what we mean when we talk about “bad.”

Click through for more and please consider donating to Gutterthon 2015. Help the Cultural Gutter stay online and keep our commitment to paying writers for their work.


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