Things I Learned From Cult TV: Project Runway

Fox Spirit Books has just published a piece I wrote about Project Runway for their “Things I Learned From Cult TV” series.

In Project Runway‘s work room, I see designers struggle every week with knowing: when to abandon the ideal in favor of making something as good as it can be now; the difference between tenaciously trusting yourself and stubbornly refusing to see the fugly or sometimes far too revealing truth before you; knowing when to jettison something that’s not working, even when you love it; learning that constraints of time, materials, budget can be liberating. In any kind of creative project, it’s easy to get hung up on what something should be, blinding you to the difference between what you are trying to make and what you have made, and preventing you from following your creation to its best conclusion.

Go on over to the Fox Spirit blog to read more!Header image via Academic Tim Gunn.


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