“Friday Five: 5 Nifty Noir Films From Before 1955”

Pornokitsch asked me if I’d like to do a Friday Five for them, and suggested pre-1955 Film Noir as a topic. How could I refuse? It’s been a very noir summer for me. It’s been a very noir summer for me. I read and re-read a lot of hardboiled fiction and then shared some of my favorite crime and hardboiled fiction with Teleport City. I took the Summer of Darkness Film Noir course from TCM / Ball State University. (Why, yes, I did receive my Certificate of Completion). And I watched and re-watched a lot of film noir for that. Noir has been on my mind. So I said yes. And here’s a little taste of the piece I wrote for them. To see the five films I recommend, you’ll have to click through.

Do you want to watch some film noir?

I hope so, because I have five films to suggest. Films about dames gone wrong, poor doomed saps, murders, sex and modern knights errant. I suppose, to me, noir films are shadowy films about darkness seeping in and seeping out. If you like these films, you might want to look a little more into the filmographies of Jacques Tourneur, Ida Lupino, Edgar Ulmer, Nicholas Ray, and John Sturges.

Meanwhile, beware of spoilers. I tried to keep some secrets, but in the end, I’m a femme fatale. I’ve always got my own game going.


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