THE MIND’s EYE: Final Screening

During the Toronto International Film Festival, I write a lot of the announcements for screenings and final screenings. I don’t share them here, though, some of them amuse me. But I really liked this one. So I’m sharing it here.

Today’s your last chance to see The Mind’s Eye at TIFF. If you don’t see it now, how will you ever know if that man is really levitating that ax with his mind.

Maybe he’s catching an ax tossed by Thing With An Ax, who you might remember from Joe Begos’ previous MM film, Almost Human.

Really, so close to human. With an ax. Humans like axes.

Or was it the terrifying powers of the Ghost Isopod–perhaps, though I shudder to even mention it, the result of… an intimate haunting.

Ghost Isopod! GHOST ISOPOD!

THE MIND’S EYE Final Screening:
Sat. Sept. 19, 7:00 PM SCOTIABANK 10

See the first appearance of Thing With An Ax here.

This announcement first appeared on the official Midnight Madness blog for the Toronto International Film Festival.


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