The Music of Vanguard: DEMON’S Miąższ

“Would some music make you feel better, sweetie?”

When you are watching Demon, aside from wondering, “What is wrong with that guy?” and “How can anyone drink that much vodka?” you might be wondering about the amazing band playing the wedding. It’s Miąższ and they are indeed pretty swell. I don’t speak Polish, so I couldn’t find much about them beyond that the band was founded in 2008 by members Karol Koolor Gadzało, Sebastian Pikula and Joanna Ewa Zawłocka.

But I did find music videos for your enjoyment.

Miąższ go just a little surf, here.

Here they are performing one of the songs they perform in Demon. Miąższ live in Krakow!

And since we’re on the topic of Polish folk fusion, creatures from Jewish legend and celebrations gone wrong, enjoy “Golem Fury” by Klezmafour

Catch just a little bit of Miąższ in Demon. (But maybe try to avoid the attention of a dybbuk).
DEMON Screening Times:
Sun. Sept 13, 4:15PM SCOTIABANK 10
Sat. Sept 19, 9:15PM SCOTIABANK 13

This post originally appeared on the Vanguard Program blog of the Toronto International Film Festival.


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