Fearless Genre Warriors

Not one but two of my stories have been collected in Fox Spirit Books’ Fearless Genre Warriors: A Fox Spirit Sampler. And now you can get them for free!

Fearless Genre Warriors covers it all – we have horror tales, fantasy tales, SF tales, crime tales, humorous tales, and tales that blend any or all of the above! So whatever your fiction thing is, we’ve got you covered!

Editor Jenny Barber has chosen an amazing array of stories from Fox Spirit’s Skulk and you can’t go wrong with this collection! I’m joined by Chloë Yates, James Bennett, Alisdair Stuart and so many more. You can see the contents and read a little more about the collection here.

And you can get the book in several formats including epub and mobi here. Scroll down to Fearless Genre Warriors Twitter giveaway and enter the password, “FoxTweets.”

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