Your Host
Your Host

Child of the Rust Belt. Maker of weird artsy things. Writer and purveyor of crazy talk. Bringer of the wrong. Evil Overlord and Comics Editor for The Cultural Gutter. Member of Fox Spirit Books’ skulk.

Right now, I’m consolidating all my disparate business here, in particular essays from The Cultural Gutter and posts from film festival blogs. The blog posts were intended to be ephemeral, but I’ve grown sort of attached to them. Ideally, though, Monstrous Industry will become a wrongness all its own.

The Cultural Gutter is a website dedicated to thoughtful writing about disreputable art.  I’ve written for The Gutter since 2006 with my first Guest Star article, “Catwoman: Silicon-Injected” and ascended to the Evil Overlordship in something like fall, 2007.  In 2011, Carnegie-Mellon University’s ETC Press published The Cultural Gutter, a collection of articles from our website.

I’m proud to be a vixen in the British Fantasy Award-nominated Fox Spirit Books‘ skulk of writers. My work appears in the anthology, Weird Noir (Fox Spirit, 2012), Noir Carnival (Fox Spirit, 2013), Drag Noir (Fox Spirit, 2014), all edited by K. A. Laity. My stories also appear in  The Girl At The End Of The World (Fox Spirit, 2014), Things in the Dark (Fox Spirit, 2015) and in the upcoming anthologies, Piercing The Vale and You Left Your Biscuit Behind.   And Pornokitsch published, “The Lost City Of Osiris; A Tale Of Western Adventure” as part of their weekly fiction series.

I’ve written for the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness Programme Blog (older site, here) from 2007-2014 and have been the blog’s editor since 2011. I have been editor of (and contributor to) TIFF’s Vanguard programme blog since 2012. I contributed to the ActionFest Film Festival Blog in 2011 and 2012.

I am an Agent of The Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit. Hail, M.O.S.S.!  I’m honored to have been a contributor to Turner Classic Movies’ Movie Morlocks Blog (on the invitation of Kimberley Lindbergs), Teleport City, Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill!, Popshifter, and soon at Jet Set Cinema. I’m one of the three Capos for the Drive-In Mob movie tweetalong.

And I have an entry in the Comic Book Database for editing Jim Munroe’s Time Management for Anarchists and Sword of My Mouth.

I also love monsters and printmaking and sell some of my zines, prints and drawings at my etsy shop, Monstrous Industry: http://www.monstrousindustry.etsy.com/

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