etsy postcard penanggalan thumbnail 5Monstrous Industry is conveniently located at the intersection of monsters and art. It’s a sketchy part of town, but filled with wonderous detritus. My products might be a little too pop to be fine art and too fine art to be pop. My art is informed by a rustbelt sensibility. I like industrial ruins, broken concrete, the woods and Lake Michigan. I like monsters, aliens, superheros, pulp, genre. Anything ridiculously, heartbreakingly, sincerely fun.
I have a background in zinemaking, xerography, lino, ceramics and poetry. Monstrous Industries has grown out of my handmade, cut’n’paste zine, Monstress, which I have been selling at small press fairs and in bookstores in Los Angeles, Buffalo, Madison and Toronto under the nom de zine “Una Crow” since 2001. Monstrous Industries has expanded to stickers, block prints, postcards, embellished Moleskine notebooks and handmade “trading cards.”
Monstrous Industry understands that people like monsters and is committed to providing people with monsters. You can see some of my prints, zines and drawings at the Monstrous Industry etsy shop.

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