Clara Bow says,
Clara Bow says, “Reading is fundamental.”

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The Cultural Gutter Press published The Cultural Gutter Presents: The Secret Diagrams of Mantis Fist (2016), my collaboration with illustrator/YA author, Evan Munday, and designed Andrew Nahem.

A selection of my articles has been published in The Cultural Gutter (2011) book, published by Carnegie-Mellon University’s ETC Press.

My short fiction has been published in by the British Fantasy Award-winning publisher Fox Spirit Books in their anthologies Weird Noir (Fox Spirit Press, 2012); Noir Carnival (Fox Spirit Press, 2013);  The Girl At The End Of The World (2014); Drag Noir (2014); Things In The Dark (2015); Piercing The Vale (2016); You Left Your Biscuit Behind (2016); and, Respectable Horror (2017).

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