clara bow reading weird noir



Clara Bow says, "Reading is fundamental."
Clara Bow says, “Reading is fundamental.”

My short fiction has been published in Weird Noir (Fox Spirit Press, 2012) and Noir Carnival (Fox Spirit Press, 2013).  A selection of my articles has been published in The Cultural Gutter (2011) book, published by Carnegie-Mellon University’s ETC Press. The Girl At The End Of The World (2014) includes my story, “Sophie And The Gate To Hell.”  And “The Itch of Iron, The Pull of the Moon” appears in Drag Noir (2014). My stories most recently appeared in Fox Spirit Books Fox Pockets anthologies, Things In The Dark (2015) and Piercing The Vale (2015). The Cultural Gutter Press has just published The Cultural Gutter Presents: The Secret Diagrams of Mantis Fist (2105), my collaboration with illustrator/YA author, Evan Munday,

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