Respectable Horror

“Do serial killers, glistening viscera, oceans of gore and sadistic twists make you yawn behind a polite hand? Are you looking for something a little more interesting than a body count? These are tales that astonish and horrify, bring shivers and leave you breathless. You may be too terrified to find out what happens next – but you won’t be able to resist turning the page. We’ll make you keep the lights on. For a very long time.” ~ anthology editor K.A. Laity.

My story, “The Astartic Arcanum,” has just been published in the latest Fox Spirit Books’ anthology, Respectable Horror. “The Astartic Arcanum” is cocktail cthulhu–a little bit Lovecraft and a little bit Nora Charles–as translator of ancient Mesopotamian texts, Nita Sloan travels to the mansion of Josiah Brandt for private reading of her latest book, The Astartic Arcanum. Do bad things happen? They do! Are there strange dreams? There are! Does our heroine have moxie? She does!

You can order your copy of Respectable Horror through

And behold the sweet cover art by the talented S.L. Johnson. (Featuring cover model, Poppy La Morte).