The Girl At The End Of The World

GATEOTW camera coverGirl at the End of the World, Vol 1 is a two-volume anthology dedicated to exactly what the title says women & girls at the end of the world. My story, “Sophie and the Gate to Hell appears in the first volume. Based on true events, “Sophie” is the story of one woman’s struggle to eat lunch and get some work done despite an intrusive landlord and Things that are probably from Hell.

If You Like Books has a very nice review of The Girl At The End Of The World Vol. 1. I am jso proud to have a story in this book.

 The girls and women featured in this collection come from different backgrounds, times, and circumstances. They are magical, powerful, or royal. They are leaders and protectors. They may be disfigured or disadvantaged. They are high school students; they are adults. These women survive in different ways, as well. Some are brave. Some utilize their intelligence. Some have a bit of luck on their side. Others are cunning and observant. Their diversity does not preclude them from having common traits. They are survivors. They take care of themselves. They are willing to do what they must, but often prefer to do no harm unless forced. Though each reaches her limit at a different time, none shy away from doing what is necessary.

Click through to read more. I’ve also gotten a couple of very nice tweets about my story. You can see them here.

And I’ve posted a bit of the story here.

Girl at the End of the World, Vol 1 is available now from Amazon. From Fox Spirit Books’ announcement:

It’s the end of days. The sky is falling, the seas are burning and your neighbour is a zombie. It’s brutal out there. It’s every man for himself and these heels are going to have to go; you simply can’t run in them!

Across two volumes, The Girl at the End of the World offers forty-one striking visions of the apocalypse and the women and girls dealing with it. From gods to zombies, from epic to deeply personal, from the moment of impact to a future where life is long forgotten; bestselling authors and exciting new writers deliver tales you’ll still remember when holed up in a fallout shelter with one remaining bullet and a best friend with a suspicious bite mark on their neck.

Click through to see a list of the stories and authors included and more of the fantastic art work by Dave Johnson. And you can see the variant cover above.



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