Things In The Dark

My story, “Thomas Hobbes vs. The Mole People” appears in Things in the Dark, the sixth book in the Fox Pockets series from my doughty and British Fantasy Award-winning publisher, Fox Spirit Books. And I am so stoked not only to be in this amazing collection with all these fantastic authors, but to have my mole people in the promotional biz:

What lurks in the dark just out of site?
What horrors are waiting for the unwary?
What about mole people?

This latest Fox Pocket is a collection of strange, scary and sometimes humorous tales considering all manner of…things in the dark.

That’s right, Mole People are finally getting their due. In my story, worlds collide under the city of Seattle as Aboverworlders discover the hidden city of the Mole People. Will Mole harmony ever be restored?

Mole person looking for a copy of Things In The Dark to read.

Things in the Dark is currently available in a convenient print version, but will soon be available in various ebook formats.

And check out this sweet cover art.

things in the dark cover