Homunculus #2: “Josef K.”

You might be saying to yourself, “I wonder what the artistic influences on these homunculi were?” And, if you do, I have some answers. First, I wanted to make something white. I think white can be very effectively creepy and supernatural. And Herman Melville makes an effective argument for white being a color of terror […]

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Homunculus #1: Completed

Completed and mailed the first Homunculus created as a perk for the Cultural Gutter’s Indiegogo fundraiser. Advances in Homunculus Creation have led to this new design using an Experimental Clay and Ritual Materials polymer. While this design has some surface similarities with a Golem, it does not require the writing or erasing of any Word […]

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Skull with Facial Hair #2

Working on Skull #2. He’s one of the skulls claimed by contributors to The Cultural Gutter‘s indiegogo campaign (The Super Gutter Pack). He hasn’t informed me yet whether he would also like a beard.   I haven’t sealed the skull yet, so I’ll also clean the smudge off its cheek. The Cultural Gutter’s indiegogo campaign […]

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