New Cthulhu Moleskines

I posted two new Cthulhu Moleskines at my etsy shop. One is a journal-sized, roughly 5 x 8″ black softcover notebook, which a handprinted Chtulhu on the cover. It’s signed on the inside cover. The other is a small pocket-sized notebook. It has a green Cthulhu on its cover. The first print was inspired a […]

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Lavender on Red Metaluna Mutants

Just finished these three lavender on red metaluna mutant moleskines. I can’t decide if I want to list them at my etsy shop or offer them as perks for Gutter-A-Go-Go Raids Again. Also, I am aware that I took liberties with their mouths. But bity teeth are more fun to cut than the strange mandibular […]

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Snake Venom Mask Print

I just listed this Snake Venom Mask print for sale at my etsy shop, also called, Monstrous Industry. I’m pretty pleased with it.  I originally cut this block for personal Lunar New Year greeting cards, but I’ve decided to make prints and possible Moleskines. The print is inspired by Chang Cheh’s classic 1978 kung fu […]

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Medusa Wrapping Paper

I’ve been experimenting with making my own wrapping paper lately. Well, I’ve been making my own for a while, but I always drew on it or used handprinting techniques. I’ve started making simple digital designs for it, though. I made this wrapping paper to go with a special gift. It’s a Hellenic Medusa head that […]

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