Respectable Horror

My story, “The Astartic Arcanum,” has just been published in the latest Fox Spirit Books’ anthology, Respectable Horror. “The Astartic Arcanum” is cocktail cthulhu–a little bit Lovecraft and a little bit Nora Charles–as translator of ancient Mesopotamian texts, Nita Sloan travels to the mansion of Josiah Brandt for private reading of her latest book, The […]

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You Left Your Biscuit Behind

My story, “Feeding the Fish” is in Fox Spirit Books’ first crime anthology, You Left Your Biscuit Behind. And it’s edited by Aunty Fox herself, Adele Wearing! It’s a story I’m pretty pleased with (and I grossed myself out a bit writing it). As Fox Spirit says: “Feeding the fish takes a sinister turn, there […]

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The Secret Diagrams of Mantis Fist

With the help of illustrator Evan Munday and designer Andrew Nahem, I’ve published my first book, The Cultural Gutter Presents… The Secret Diagrams of Mantis Fist! Long rumored and often denied, the Cultural Gutter’s have been presented in this volume for the first time. In publishing these diagrams, we hope to reassure those who have […]

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Piercing The Vale

I have been really delinquent in sharing recent publications. So, Great Ramses Feets, I have had a story published in Piercing the Vale!  Piercing the Vale is Fox Spirit Books’ eighth collection of flash fiction. This one is dedicated to: Ghost stories, a cat that can cross between our world and the fae and stories […]

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“The Lost City Of Osiris; A Tale Of Western Adventure,” at Pornokitsch

Pornokitsch has published my story, “The Lost City Of Osiris; A Tale Of Western Adventure” as part of their ongoing fiction series. It’s very exciting and it’s also part of a little advance promotion for Fox Spirit Books’ impending Piercing The Vale anthology, which will include the story in an exciting and convenient print format […]

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