Tamiya Iemon Is The Worst

I was lucky enough to be invited back to Teleport City, this time to write about the classic Japanese ghost story, Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan–as well as a few of it’s adaptations on film. Impoverished samurai meets beautiful and sweet samurai woman, man marries woman, man meets a wealthier woman, man throws wife’s body into the […]

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I was invited back to Teleport city to write about Kaneto Shindo’s enduringly eerie horror movie, Kuroneko (1968). Read a little here and then head on over to Teleport City for the rest! Kuroneko is a film that feels older than it is. Shot in 1968, five years after Shindo’s more famous horror movie Onibaba, […]

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Space: 1999: Aliens Are Jerks

I snuck into the Teleport City limits once again, this time to contribute to TC’s Space: 1999 series. Where Keith has the whole history of the show down and many sweet jokes–and you should go read the whole series–I focus on one thing. No, it’s not taupe. No, it’s not depression. I mention both, but […]

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