“The Lost City Of Osiris; A Tale Of Western Adventure,” at Pornokitsch

Pornokitsch has published my story, “The Lost City Of Osiris; A Tale Of Western Adventure” as part of their ongoing fiction series. It’s very exciting and it’s also part of a little advance promotion for Fox Spirit Books’ impending Piercing The Vale anthology, which will include the story in an exciting and convenient print format with many other excellent tales.

In the meantime, head over to Pornokitsch for a tale of derring-do, mummies, gunslingers and ancient curses. I’ll include a bit here, to get you started, and an illustration from one of the story’s much earlier forms…

Chapter 1

The whole world was white. It was impossible to tell sky from sand. And when the sun finally set, it left a red line across the horizon like a cut across his eye.  Imhotep had been walking for days, weeks. The professor thought they were done, thought this was over, but Imhotep kept walking. He had crossed the ocean, following them. Trailing ragged bandages, scarab beetles, coyotes and vultures behind him, he would cross the salt flat.  He would walk across the world to claim what was his.

‘My love,’ he thought. ‘Ankhessenamun.’


And here’s an illustration from a later chapter in this story’s first appearance in my zine Monstress. I illustrated each “chapter” of the story and this is one using some public domain Victorian clip art is one of my favorites.

Monstress 5 Fiction 2 one page


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