The Girl At The End Of The World

TGATEOTW_2a_1My story, “Sophie and the Gate to Hell” has been accepted for publication in Fox Spirit Books’ upcoming anthology, The Girl At The End Of The World. I wrote the story to keep sane during some house repairs and some difficult life changes, and a deadline was really helpful with both those things. But after I’d submitted the story, I realized that I really liked it and hoped it would be accepted and became increasingly nervous once I heard how many excellent pieces had been submitted. So I actually laughed and ran around my house in excitement when I read the email from Vixen-in-Chief Adele that my story had been accepted.

So proud to be a member of the skulk. And I hope that everyone enjoys my story of home repairs, damaged ceilings, sinister squirrels, hell portals, questionable landlords and seedy basements.

More updates as events warrant. For now, enjoy the illustrations for both volumes and see who’s in each. Volume 1 is here. Volume 2 is here.

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